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Bu Er Guang was founded is 1st of May, Year 2017

When I was young, I love to eat wheel cake, wheel cake was coming from Japan in the earlier era, was called “da pan shao” as well. There is only red bean flavor at the earlier time, but there is more and more flavor invented and getting more and more special. Wheel cake is a famous street snack in Taiwan. Before I founded Bu Er Guang, I was managing a small homestay, so I always bring tourist from other country to try the local food in Taiwan. At that moment I realize this common pastry in Taiwan, are a new and novel food for tourist. At once, I decided to promote this pastry to the whole world.

I started to research about it, then I found out, the way to make this pastry delicious, is not as easy as it looks…I study how to make wheel cake on my own balcony every single day. I tried to make it more delicious, tried to make it look better from the outside, and I have failed a lot. I even invited countless of friend to try out my wheel cake, and lastly after four months, I did what we have today.

A delicious product should surely match with a soulful name, and I started to think about the name for day when I went to my friend’s workshop, asked him for help to come out with a name, and the first word coming out from his mouth, “do your food tasted like ‘Bu Liang Guang’! I replied No, definitely not instantly.” And here’s how our brand is born.

However, “Bu Liang Guang “are quite straightforward, therefore I changed the name from “Bu Liang Guang” to today’s “Bu Er Guang”. “Bu Liang Guang” means not casual, not slow and not messy when doing things in Taiwan. Hence, in the future “Bu Er Guang” will adhere this faith and serve the public!

In order to make wheel cake not only a normal pastry around the street, I started to collaborate with enterprise, providing customizing wheel cake according to customers need, we are the first wheel cake company that allow customer to customize their trademark and print it on our wheel cake for meeting or other functions use. Currently we are the wheel cake afternoon tea supplier specify by the most enterprise throughout the whole Taiwan, exceeding hundreds of company and international enterprise. Lastly I hope Bu Er Guang can allow more people on the world to try Taiwan’s traditional pastry, the wheel cake.

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